Often it is the much quoted ‘view beyond borders’ bringing the inspiration ...

... for new products, providing a better service with higher customer value, for processes with increased efficiency and productivity.

Our experience shows that innovations are increasingly created by combining the skills of different technology partners and potential customers. On international scale.

CONINTEC is a business development company. We create partnerships for technology companies between some countries in Asia and Eastern Europe with Central Europe in development, production, and sales.

On this background, renowned Eastern European IT service companies are our customers for whom we are building long-term client relationships in German, Austria, and Switzerland for almost 20 years.

Opportunities for success are wide:
  • Acquire new markets,
  • Create competitive innovation,
  • Reduce cost.

Business Development

We believe that sustainability is based on the concept. Our formula for your success are experience, specific methodologies and localised, flexible partners.

The way we work: CONINTEC principle

  • We work successfully with effective methods for initiating and building partnerships. In cooperation with universities, we keep these methods constantly on state of the art!
  • We offer real innovation of your business concept, including implementation instead of lengthy, cost intensive product development. Quality, customer benefits and value generation for CONINTEC are key critical factors for improving competitiveness and business success.
  • We take the time to understand your requirements and to develop your solution. Experience success is our code of practice!
  • Building partnerships takes time and willingness to invest - morally and materially. We therefore take the liberty to support companies only whos intentions we are convinced of. Convince yourself of the exceptional performance profile of our customers (for more see Project Portfolio)
  • Throughout the process of internationalization, we support you and your staff with specific, business-focused coaching, training and seminars. To critical negotiations, we will prepare you with Ghost Negotiation. We work hand in hand with you - from concept to successful working partnership!

PartnerNetwork | In Customers interest

Being close is our strength! Visible to customers and potential partners.

Hong Kong

For CONINTEC has an international network of industry experts from Asia to Eastern Europe. Personal contacts convincing in support and performance!

This makes our cooperation personally, fast, flexible and results-oriented. Our customers benefit from that!

(Read more at Partner)

Trainings | Seminars

Business-focused offerings are one of our strengths. Take from our experience, you benefit from our knowledge!

  • Analysis and decisioncriterion to internationalize the value chain
  • International Market Development (business models, contract drafting, negotiation)
  • Intercultural Business Training | Training with focus on Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Internationalization and innovation management / culture
  • Ghost Negotiation to prepare for negotiations - by phone and in person
  • Protection of Intellectual Property in international business – increase know-how within the business partnership

Other subjects can be offered on request! Our training and seminar offerings are tailored in length and content to your needs. We are happy to explain details. CONINTEC seminars were also offered in collaboration with Management Circle.

Talks | Key Note Speeches

  • Analysis of economic and social changes in Asia and Eastern Europe
  • When is development in Eastern Europe or Asia reasonable?
  • Criterion for local inhouse development



Other subjects can be offered on request!

Start-up | Support for young companies

CONINTEC provides its services not only to established companies. For years, we are open to new business ideas and support the market entry of new enterprises from the start!

Designed specifically for these customers we offer:

  • Investment Review
  • Review of Strategy and
  • Business plan review.