Ready for signature: on behalf of its clients, Eastern European IT- and software development service providers, CONINTEC establishes long-lived customer relationships in Central Europe.

What is the role of CONINTEC:

  • We consult neutral and without obligation, when you want to raise innovation and competitiveness of your business in IT services and software development by IT outsourcing.
  • We present a portfolio of high-caliber service companies from Eastern Europe. High transparency of the companies with developer profiles, project examples, etc. up to effort estimates for your (pilot) project requirements is provided free of charge.
  • We support building of a partnership with our service providers as point of contact in Germany.

Your contract partner will be the IT service provider and any operation will be direct. These are usually managed by their owners - entrepreneurs who feel committed providing a solution to you, even beyond the contract. All services are billed directly by these companies.

The business models of cooperation are tuned to your requirements:

  • Project based cooperation (time & material, or some times fixed price dependent on quality of specification)
  • Continuous cooperation (time & material)
  • Set-up your own subsidiary (BOT: Build Operate Transfer).
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