Let the sparks fly: IT-Outsourcing to Eastern Europe to high-quality service providers means easy access to innovation and competitive skills.

CONINTEC is your local contact for sourcing and accompanies you from the idea to the partnership - servicing your interest on it's own and on behalf of it's customers - from plain supplier relationship to a complex joint venture!

Only excellent companies, we have verified and are convinced of, are our customers. That's the CONINTEC principle.

Make up your mind!

In the following sections you will find a few aspects and experiences about selection criteria, procedures, and success factors for IT outsourcing starting with global aspects of main IT world regions down to a pilot project.

A 10 minutes podcast will walk you through some steps in decision for BOP/ITO Outsourcing: 'When is BPO/ITO possible', 'Where to go in Eastern Europe', 'Own Subsidiary or Service Partner', 'Partner Selection', and 'General Trends'.

Offshore vs. Nearshore

IT outsourcing on global scale:
Nearshore vs Offshore aspects
  • Cultural differences between Asia and Europe
  • Accountability, 'Yes' and 'No'
  • Is a contract kept?
  • Discussion process in Asia vs. Europe
  • Difference in problem solving and quality (work around or solution)


Eastern Europe: Nearshore aspects

  • Economic aspects, project size, overhead and project management for successful cooperation
  • Critical success factors for partnership beyond borders, when ramain inhous or within own country
  • Which countries shall be considered for outsourcing, what are their general differences, do countries' governments comply with your business policies

Pilot Project

Eastern Europe: Pilot project aspects

  • Which approach is reasonable for a pilot project with a nearshore IT services provider?
  • What scope is appropriate?
  • How much time in advance shall be considered?
  • How much effort and cost will arise/are reasonable?

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