Dr.-Ing. Hans Schwendner is the head of CONINTEC and international consultant. He draws from a rich personal experience - and honest conviction of the products and partners, for whom he stands up!

His business is globalization strategies to capture new markets and the internationalization of value chains - especially EDA, IT services and software development service from Eastern Europe.

He also was involved in supporting technology start-up companies.

Vita. Hans Schwendner gained his practical experience on his way from trainee program to the Vice President at Siemens Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies AG, consumer ICs, and as managing director at Micronas.

Convinced of the benefit and success of business activities in Eastern Europe and Asia, he founded CONINTEC in 2003.

More profiles of Dr.-Ing. Hans Schwendner are available online on XING and LinkedIn.

Partners for Partnerships

As founder of CONINTEC Hans Schwendner together with his partners positions technology companies in international markets. Industry focus is on IT services and software development service from Eastern Europe.

Projects in the following areas have been realized: Biometric sensors, CNC machines and control systems, consumer electronics, energy management, electric motors, electronics manufacturing, energy optimization, development services (entertainment, BI, Enterprise software, HW / SW co-design, mobile platforms, modeling, SaaS, SAP, Web ...), cable harness, plastic injection molding , die casting, medical equipment, metal processing (turning, milling, welding, punching ...), PC Security, RF ID, electric metering, telecommunication, overmold, environmental technologies (co-generation, water treatment, solar energy), video technologies, etc.

CONINTEC - ‚Experience’:

Book Reviews:

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